Choose the Best Realtor to Buy or Sell a Home in the West Kootenay

How to Choose the Best Realtor to Buy or Sell a Home in the West Kootenay

Buying or selling a home in the West Kootenay? Choose the best realtor for your needs to help simplify and streamline the process.

There are nearly 80 realtors to choose from in the West Kootenay. As a result, with so many professionals to choose from, finding the best realtor, even in a small region like ours, can be quite overwhelming.

Finding the right person to help you buy or sell a home is important. To choose the best realtor, you must consider a few critical factors beyond simply the first sign you see on the highway coming into town. But, given that real estate sales is about marketing, the old adage, “you can’t judge a book…” may actually not apply. In fact, it’s the front-facing book’s cover stuff you want to look at to choose the best realtor for your needs.

The way a realtor markets themselves is a good reflection of how you can expect them to market a home. With that in mind, consider these basics to finding the best realtor, whether you’re buying or selling a house:

Check out their website and listings

Likely, the very first place you will come in contact with any realtor is when you begin your online search for a home in your desired area.

What does the realtor’s digital platform look like? Does it look professionally designed or does it seem like a DIY templated design? The quality and depth and breadth of their website and listings will indicate how up-to-date they are – how effectively they leverage digital media.

What is the quality of the listing photography? Or any of the photos on their website, including their professional portrait. Check out the email address they use. Does it include their brand address (URL), or are they still using an or account for their business? Again, this is part of their professional presentation and could reflect how forward-thinking they might approach your home.

How do their digital assets compare to other local agents? Do other realtors leverage digital marketing more effectively? Look for a current and consistently updated blog section on their website – this means they are concerned with search engine optimization and increasing traffic to their site. Do you get a good idea of who the agent is, along with their mission and values? This will provide some insight into what the experience will be working with them.

To help you choose the best realtor. Check out their website. It should include:

  • An “About Me” section with details about themselves and their experience
  • A “Contact Me/Us” page so you can contact them easily
  • Original content – pages include content that is unique to them
  • Details on their previous listings or a  “Recent Sales” page
  • A “Testimonials” section where you can read first-hand experiences
  • Mobile optimization – it should read well and easily no matter the size of the device
  • Smooth navigation – you can find what you need quickly and easily

A marketing plan – online and print

It’s important that get information about how any realtor will approach their marketing. Does the realtor have a marketing plan for their listings? More specifically, what will be their marketing plan for your home? Can they outline their methodology for selling a home – a consistent standard regarding their website listing and any listings in print? Will they focus their attention online or are they still relying on hardcopy print?

Will they hire a professional photographer to showcase your property appropriately? They may even utilize drones and virtual tours.

Consider how they offer the information or feature sheets of their listings. Is it printed well, on high-quality paper? One photo printed on low-quality paper just won’t cut it! And, even on a single sheet, people will want to see multiple images to help entice them to move forward.

It’s amazing how many typos you can find in marketing materials, both online and in hard copy. You want your realtor to have attention to detail which will be evident in the quality of their marketing materials.

How to choose the best realtor? What is their availability to you?

If it’s a challenge to get hold of your realtor, or if you can’t easily get in touch through their website or email, chances are other realtors or potential buyers might, too. West Kootenay real estate moves quickly, and the easy availability of your realtor is essential.

Sign that your realtor might have limited availability:

  • Their cell phone isn’t on the website
  • They display only an office phone on all of their marketing materials
  • You always have to go through the office receptionist
  • There is only a contact form from their website, not a direct email address

If your agent is unavailable or has limited hours, do they have a partner or assistant that can knowledgeably run point? Is there a backup plan if they go away on vacation? Ask about their availability level and preferred method of contact – call, text, email.

Choosing the best realtor includes good communication. A great agent responds to you promptly, and the more ways you can reach them, the better.

Personal experience in the community

A local realtor is critical to understanding the area and finding the best neighbourhood for your needs. Look for a realtor who has experience working and living in the region and can identify the best homes that will suit your family and lifestyle. As a member of the community, your local realtor will give you great insights into schools, shopping, recreation, and more.

Choose the best LOCAL REALTOR! We want to help you buy or sell a home in the Kootenays! Talk to one of our agents TODAY!