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Tonnie Stewart

In April 2013, my family and I came to Trail for a week long house hunting trip as I was in the process of being transferred for work through the RCMP. Tonnie Stewart was recommended to us by an acquaintance and she met us the morning after a grueling 1000 kilometer drive that saw us … Read more "Tonnie Stewart"

Nathan Fox & Michelle Nelson

Tonnie Stewart

Finding the property of your dreams is always a challenge… Searching for the perfect property in British Columbia while living in Manitoba even more so… but combining a residential, business and agricultural property all in one rises it to a whole new level. When we discovered the listing of Columbia Gardens Vineyard & Winery online … Read more "Tonnie Stewart"

Jacobus & Tersia De Jager

Terry Alton

We had put our house on the market in the spring of 2013.  By December with no buyers in sight, we took it off the market.  At the beginning of the year we received a letter from Terry Alton, stating that he would like to take on the task of selling our house.  We contacted him … Read more "Terry Alton"

Lynn and Larry Whyte

Deanne Slessor

I recently purchased a home with the help of my realtor, Deanne Slessor. I was extremely happy with the services she provided. I found her to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and accomodating. Over the past six years, Deanne has assisted me with several real estate deals, each of which was handled very professionally. She always … Read more "Deanne Slessor"

Sherry McCuaig

Tonnie Stewart

Years ago, I read a quote that said, “It is not WHAT one does for work, but HOW one does their work that defines a person.” Thank you, Tonnie, for the integrity, honesty, common-sense and the absolute joy with which you do your work! It is a rare breed of person who can do their … Read more "Tonnie Stewart"

Dean & Jolene Lott

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